• RVing Green

    RVing Green
     Going on a camping trip is a lot of fun, and a great way to get out of town and into nature and spend time with friends and family. Many RVer’s today go camping in their RV, which is more comfortable and convenient than tent camping. But if you’re concerned about the environment, you can do green camping in an RV. While tent camping definitely has a much smaller impact on the environment than RV camping, there are some easy ways to have a green RV adventure.   Going solar. If you can add solar panels to...
  • Water

    Usually when we need water, its easy to get it, right? Walk over to the facet and drink what you need, use it to take a shower, or wash your dishes…As a traveler that luxury is gone! All the water we consume or use we need to find, and maybe this is easy for some, but as a new traveler, its something thats always on my mind. Campsites do a pretty good job, if you stay at an RV park an have hookups you can refill your water tank and have water for showers and such....
  • Thinking about going solar?

    Thinking about going solar?
    Are you thinking about adding a solar system in your RV or motorhome? Here are 5 simple things to get you thinking… 1. Budget - It seems things always begin and end with money…. but if you set a budget for yourself it will help you decided where to put that money.  2. Wattage - Its tough to figure out how many watts you will need, that might take some research, depends on the number of people, and it your wanting to keep the same lifestyle as if you were at home. Think about ways to save...
  • RV Tips

    RV Tips
      Some RV tips to help you if you are a RV newbie or have been a RVer for awhile. Place a carpet sample at the base and one at the top of your entry steps, which will help keep dirt and moisture out of your rig. Have a list to remind yourself of what you need to do for setting up and leaving. Have disposable rubber gloves to use during sewer hookups and dumping. Use a portable space heater at night instead of using all that propane. Travel in the morning or late afternoon when...
  • Buying an older model, used RV

    Buying an older model, used RV
    Its been years since I bought an RV.   Its also been years since I wrote my ebook “An RV Tech’s Checklist for Buying a new or used RV” (click to learn more and buy ebook). This spring our son Rick, a freelance designer and web designer / marketer for Tough Tops told us he wanted a change in his life and he wanted to hit the road. It’s January, Rick lives in Boulder Colorado and its not the time of year to RV shopping. Myself and my wife are in Mesa Arizona, and it was not winter...
  • Spring Cleaning Tips for Slide Toppers

    It’s that time of year to get ready for the road....it's also our favorite time of year Time to clean any dust and debris from the tops of the slide outs. While the slide is in make sure to clean the areas of the slide out that go out. It is a very over looked area that picks up everything from dust to pine needles to toys. Take it from Tyler. He has pulled everything from toy motorcycles to hair brushes to a customer’s wallet that he thought he let at a truck stop. After a...

    We do our best to provide the most information we can about our awnings, and want to make the buying process as easy as we can! We created a page of some of the questions we get asked the most. Click below....And don't be afraid to ask a question...we are only a phone call or email away.... http://www.toughtopawnings.com/questions.html

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      We will be in Quartzsite making, installing and delivering awnings from Jan. 17 - Jan. 23rd. To show our appreciation we will be giving a 10% discount on all slide out awnings for all our wonderful customers who pre-order from our on-line store to be installed or delivered in Quartzsite during the show.   CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT THE SHOW, HOW YOU CAN SCHEDULE AN INSTALL AND GET YOUR COUPON CODE!!
  • See our new video!!

    Tough Tops have teamed up with the RV Geeks for another instructional video How to Replace a Carefree or Colorado RV Slide Topper (Model SOK III) Click to see more RV Geek videos
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