5 campgrounds to visit along highway 395


5 campgrounds to visit along highway 395
(From Reno to Ridgecrest)

Highway 395 on the east side of the Sierra Mountains from Reno NV to Ridgecrest CA is one of my personal favorite stretches of highways I’ve spend time on over my 8 years of traveling. With diverse landscape and nature you will always leave feeling you missed a lot!! So, you will need some time to explore and places to stay along the way. Here are 5 campgrounds I’ve stayed while traveling along highway 395.


Pelicans at the lake

1. Washoe Lake State Park - The campground is located within a small walk to the lake with a few different trails to take, be sure to look for wild horses and deer and it's great for star gazing. The location is great…20 minutes from Reno,10 from Carson City and 30 or so from Lake Tahoe. $20 a night for no hookups, nice bathrooms and there are showers. They do have a loop with hookups. Verizon and T-Mobile both worked good here. 


Convict Lake, short drive from Glass Creek

2. Glass Creek Campground - Located about 20 minutes from Mammoth Lakes, this no frills campground is free but they do ask for a $10 donation, another great spot for stars, the sites are big with 4-5 restrooms scattered throughout. Lots of trees but still good for solar, ATV trails right at the campground, creek runs along campground and big enough for a nice morning walk. Cell not strong but got enough to check work emails. 


Sunset from my campsite

3. Horton Creek Campground- Great campground about 20 minutes from Bishop with amazing views of the Sierra mountain range. Simple bathrooms with drinking water. $10 a night, not many trees so better for spring, winter and fall. Great location to get up into the mountains for hiking (did a great like to Treasure Lakes, about a 40 minute drive from campground). Got full bars to work with Verizon. 


Boot Arch in Alabama Hills, near Tuttle Creek

4. Tuttle Creek Campground - Located near Long Pine, perfect view of the Sierra Mountain range and Mt. Whitney, Tuttle Creek is just minutes from The Alabama Hills. Like Horton Creek Campground this is a no thrills campground with decent sized sites, vaulted toilets and drinking water. Verizon works well here with some T-Mobile in spots. At $10/night and for its location its one of my favorites! From the upper lot you can see a trail that takes you into the mountains, if you have the time, in pretty good shape I highly suggest it… the trails goes to an old house build by Franklin Merrell-Wolff and his wife Sherifa….here is a link in case you have any interest: http://www.merrell-wolff.org/ashrama


Boondocking right down the road from Fossil Falls

5. Fossil Falls Campground - Located about 40 minutes South of Ridgecrest this small campground is surrounded by some better free camping in my opinion, but at $6/ night its a nice spot. There is a small trail right at the campground taking you to some cool rocks and petroglyphs. Check out the lake bed, while there a few years back saw a small plane land there. Great location for some 4x4 adventures and driving up 9 Mile Road to Kennedy Meadows. Had good cell in the area to work, and if I remember correctly driving water as well.


Hike at Red Rock Canyon

Bonus: Red Rock Canyon State Park - Located off of 397 South of Ridgecrest this is a great stop to either start or end your Highway 395 adventure. Known for cliffs, buttes & canyons its popular for hiking, camping & horseback riding. Red Rock has primitive campsites, potable water, pit toilets and is $25/night. Like all of the campgrounds on this list (Besides Washoe) is a first come first serve campground.


Check out the links to all these wonderful places along 395 and start planning your next adventure! Want more details, other things to do in the area please leave a comment. 


Happy RVing


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