• RV Recipe - Chicken Sausage Scramble - Winter Style

    This is one of my own….I first started making this on camping trips in tin foil, then started making it at home on the skillet, now a staple of RVing….I change it up depending on what I have and time of year….there is my winter version!!   This is just to get you started….Ive never been one to stick to a recipe   - 1 Package of Aidells Chicek & Apple Sausage http://www.aidells.com/products   1 Red Pepper 1 Yellow Pepper 1 Onion 1 Apple of your choice Cinnamon Raisons (just an option) Sea Salt and Pepper...
  • 5 real easy ways to be “green”er on the road

    5 real easy ways to be “green”er on the road
      1. You like beer? Buy cans…or better yet, buy a growler and re-fill it2. Don’t use paper towels - I know, its easy, but get some cleaning rags….its a breeze to hand wash them yourself and reuse3. Shop at Farmers Markets - Bring your own bag, saves on packaging and plastic bags4. Be sure to recycle - Have a relying bag or container to keep in your RV for when a RV park or campground does not have a receiving bin….If your at a grocery store or Costco…unpack in the parking lot and take the...
  • Wapiti RV Park - Lincoln City OR

      I hit the Oregon coast last week, and I’ve had a wonderful time, it’s a wonderment of trees, ocean, cliffs and sand. But with beauty does come traffic, a lot of people and challenges to find a place to stay, and stay at a reasonable price. After spending the night in Tillamook, OR I was looking for a place around Pacific City, not having much luck I branched out and started emailing a few places inland along with Lincoln City. About the time I made the decision that I would drive inland to a casino...
  • Travel Planning Tip: My Maps by Google

    Travel Planning Tip: My Maps by Google
    There are so many websites, apps and other tools these days to help us plan our adventures….As I get ready to hit the road again I wanted to be a bit better of a planner for the Oregon and California coast. I wanted to map out the places I wanted to visit, the hikes and sites I wanted to see, and then hopefully find inexpensive camping around those areas as well. And not being a good planner, this sorta stresses me out! After going some research I cam across this article taking about “My Maps” on Google...

      It seems each passing day the world is evolving around us, some for good, some maybe not so much! The age of technology and the internet was created to make our lives easier, right? A streamlined process to give us more time in our days and have everything we need at our fingertips. But when it comes to some things, customer service and the user experience I think the internet and automation has built a wall between the customer and the business.   One of the things Tough Top Awnings takes great pride in is...
  • My Favorite Camping Spot

    My Favorite Camping Spot
     We all love to camp for different reasons; the great outdoors, the food, or a crackling fire but the location is always one of the reasons we all pack up the car or RV and go camping. For Tough Tops 10 years in business we posed the question for our sweepstakes “Where is your favorite camping spot?”   I starting thinking about this and realized this is a tough question! First, I feel a lot of the places I camped I have long forgot the names and not sure some of them really had names...

      INGREDIENT LIST: 1 Package of Oreo Cookies 1 Stick Butter 1/2 Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Can or Jar of Hot Fudge Sauce 1 Can Salted Peanuts 1 (9oz.) Container Cool Whip     Crush Oreo cookies and mix with butter. Add layer of crusted mixture in 9x13’’ pan. Spread vanilla ice cream on crust and freeze until firm. Poor fudge sauce over ice cream, then spread layer of peanuts and layer of Cool Whip. Sprinkle rest of Oreo mixture on top and return to freezer.   Take out 10 minutes before serving….ENJOY!!
  • RVing Green

    RVing Green
     Going on a camping trip is a lot of fun, and a great way to get out of town and into nature and spend time with friends and family. Many RVer’s today go camping in their RV, which is more comfortable and convenient than tent camping. But if you’re concerned about the environment, you can do green camping in an RV. While tent camping definitely has a much smaller impact on the environment than RV camping, there are some easy ways to have a green RV adventure.   Going solar. If you can add solar panels to...
  • Water

    Usually when we need water, its easy to get it, right? Walk over to the facet and drink what you need, use it to take a shower, or wash your dishes…As a traveler that luxury is gone! All the water we consume or use we need to find, and maybe this is easy for some, but as a new traveler, its something thats always on my mind. Campsites do a pretty good job, if you stay at an RV park an have hookups you can refill your water tank and have water for showers and such....
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