Usually when we need water, its easy to get it, right? Walk over to the facet and drink what you need, use it to take a shower, or wash your dishes…As a traveler that luxury is gone! All the water we consume or use we need to find, and maybe this is easy for some, but as a new traveler, its something thats always on my mind.

Campsites do a pretty good job, if you stay at an RV park an have hookups you can refill your water tank and have water for showers and such. Even more remote camping, or sometimes free camping will have well water to use for dishes or maybe a hippy shower!!

Drinking water is a different story, yes there are some campsites with fresh drinking water. Whenever I find drinking water anywhere I fill my (2) 40oz. stainless steel caniters, and if I find drinking water at a site I fill up more!

As a eco-minded person I will not buy individual waters in plastic….And to be honest have not found a good solution for drinking water. I don't go to the store often, But I will buy 2-3 big jugs of water, and try and re-use them later…But I do have many I'm storing, and needing to be recycled so there must be a better solution, right?

In New Mexico and Arizona I have seen water filling stations that are in parking lots and such…and I think many grocery stores and re-fill stations, I just have not come across many. My grand plan is to stock up when I have the chance on food and buy mostly everything I need at famers markets,  to avoid grocery stores visits! So, Im sorta rolling the dice that I will come across drinking water as I go along. For all those experienced travelers please comment and get in on the discussion….I would love to hear your solutions.

And while on the subject of water its tough not to and least touch on the water shortage issue. If you travel West, especially California you still see the effects of a current drought they are in. Lakes are low and look sad, signs along the highways encouraging water conservation. I was up in the Truckee/Tahoe area campsite and they have the showers closed 2 days per week to help with the issue (of course they were closed the day I really needed a shower!!) 

Some interesting facts to put things in perspective….

More than 44% of California is in “exceptional” drought — the worst level of drought.

The drought forced California farmers to fallow 500,000 acres of land in 2014. that was 2 years ago….could not find the numbers for 2015…and then there is this…California grows 43 percent of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and vegetables and more than 90 percent of its almonds, grapes, and broccoli. Its easy to see how the CA water shortage effects us all!!

So, in my first month of traveling water has been an important topic and something on my mind….water are like quarters for a college student who need to do laundry….water is like gold!!….and when you enjoy being outside hiking with your doggy I really start to realize how much water I and my dog consumes on a summer day. I think it’s a good exercise to have to find all the water you use and appreciate its value….if you don't understand the water shortage or just how important water is to your daily life and heath, just go travel for a month!!!


rick oberreuter is the graphic designer and marketing director for Tough Tops, he just started traveling full time....this post is from his blog.....http://travelingdesigner.co

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