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In simple terms, what is our RV Window Awning?

It's an awning that is either electric or manual that extends over a window or an entry.

Tough Top RV window awning replacement awnings are made from the same high quality fabrics used on our slide-out and main (patio) awnings. Our RV window replacement awnings come with a 5” straight cut valance (let us know if you do not want a valance).


RV Window Awnings
- Designed for windows up to 30” tall.
- Maximum “bead to bead” measurement is usually 27”




Colors: white, off-white, gray, black, sand, green, chocolate, charcoal gray, blue

*Colors may vary depending your computer monitor. See our color swatch graphic on the buying page.

*Our colors do not match A&E Dometic or Carefree of Colorado.

Contact us HERE for color samples.


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