• 5 easy ways to save money on the road

    5 easy ways to save money on the road
    Nothing is cheap these days and no one knows when these high prices might end! Here are some simple and maybe obvious ways to save your dimes and pennies to extend your dollar and extend your travel and adventures.  1. Find a cool spot and stay awhile - Gas prices are high and RV travel is expensive as it is. Find a location you like or have been wanting to visit and stay awhile! The best way to get to know a community is to spend some quality time there.   2. Use your clubs and...
  • Social Season

    Social Season
    It’s a new year, which brings new hope, optimism, a resolution perhaps? … and a new cycle when it comes to travel! January is an exciting time for a RVer, when everyone else is coming down from the holiday season, most stuck in the cold of winter and daydreaming of spring, January is the start of what many call “the social season”!  With many full timers looking for warmer weather in Arizona, communities like Quartzsite and others start to flourish this time of year. Pods of RVs form desert communities as friends gather for fun in...

    This post will be the first in a series as I will focus on some of these points in greater detail in the coming months. The RV industry is booming, with COVID and more freedom at the workplace, RVing and Van Life lifestyles are not just for the retired! This is nothing new, digital nomads and even traveling families have been hitting the road for years but make no mistake this is a large community that is still growing. So, the decision is made, and you decided to be part of this growing community and become...
  • Tips to traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.

    Tips to traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.
    A are a few tips when traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.
  • 5 Things to do in Salida, Colorado

    5 Things to do in Salida, Colorado
    A few things to do in and near the wonderful mountain town of Salida, Colorado
  • Family Trip to Leavenworth, WA

    Family Trip to Leavenworth, WA
    Leavenworth is a hidden little gem in the cascade mountains of Central Washington. It’s a small, beautifully designed, old world Alpine/Bavarian style village, envision a small town, somewhere in Germany….  Leavenworth has the charm of a mountain town with many activities for all to enjoy….Here are some of our highlights during our trip.   1. River Tubing – We did a 4 mile river float that started on the Icicle River then connected to the Wenatchee River. It was a very relaxing and scenic 3.5 hour float. We used Leavenworth Outdoor Center, they provides tubes, cooler...
  • Plan your Highway 395 Adventure

    Plan your Highway 395 Adventure
    One of my favorite highways to travel is highway 395 in California. The stretch between Ridgecrest and Reno on the east side of the Sierra Mountain range holds a special place in my heart for its beauty and variety of terrain. All my trips to this area have been in late winter, the weather is mild and in contrast to the rest of California not as crowded. While there is an abundance of things to explore on this stretch of highway I selected my top 5 with a couple bonus activities. Drive to Kennedy Meadows -...
  • Tips for Cheap(er) RVing

    Tips for Cheap(er) RVing
    We are living in a difficult time and money can be tight! Full time RVers know that hitting the road does not mean cheap living! RVing and camping over the years have become more expensive and a fair amount of “upfront” and “as you travel” planning needs to be done to actually save money when traveling.First, I won’t get into choosing a rigs and the cost associated. Everyone has different wants and needs (along with budget) and spending anywhere between $4,000 and up to $200,000 is not unreasonable!! We all have a checked off list to...
  • No Address? No Problem!

    No Address? No Problem!
    COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things. Many RVers, who were used to spending time at RV Parks are now spending more time on public lands because parks are closed and for additional social distancing. One question we have been getting lately is “I need to order an awning, where can I get it shipped to”? Well, the answer is pretty easy! Tough Tops ships through UPS, we currently do not work with anyone else like FedEx, which packages can be delivered to most Walgreens locations. BUT, you can get your package shipped...
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