Ray and Sandy Oberreuter are originally from Iowa. After Ray went to school to learn RV repair in Bowling Green, KY their traveling lifestyle began. They spent their winters in Arizona among the snowbirds and different summer locations in the West.

The business started with a friend handling production with Ray and Sandy selling online. Eventually they took over the whole business and Tough Top Awnings was born!

Tough Tops went from two people making awnings in garages, and even in a storage unit in Colorado, renting a building in Battle Ground, WA to a larger facility in Vancouver, WA. Last year we purchased a facility in Hockenson, WA where we can really expand the business in the coming years.

Ray and Sandy are now retired but the business is still family owned. Tyler and their daughter Christie run the day to day operations, and their son Rick handles the graphic design and marketing. Even their grandson and granddaughter have been in some of the how-to videos.

Tough Tops started with one part-time employee and now have three wonderful employees: Matt, Geoffrey and Taylor. Our family theme continues with three of the employees being related. They all are hard workers and learned the craft quickly. They get along great and talk football…a lot!

Our number one priority from day one is our CUSTOMER SERVICE. Ray, and now Tyler, answers the calls to answer any questions our customers might have. Although we now get lots more calls than we used to (up to ninety calls a day sometimes), if Tyler doesn't answer he will call you back.

We have also expanded our product line over the 11 years in business. Our top seller is still our slide-out awnings. But, now we manufacture RV patio awnings along with window and over-the-door awnings, plus sell our RV accessories - and more. You can see our entire product line here.

In our free time the entire family enjoys travel and are active in the RV industry. Tyler bought his first RV trailer over a year ago and Rick has been traveling full time in his camper since June 2016.

Happy RVing!
The Tough Top Family


RVers in the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area can now purchase their awnings directly from us. Canadian snowbirds can also use our services as they pass through the beautiful Portland and Vancouver areas on their travels.

We are Midwest transplants and we value community! Now being settled in the PNW area we want to connect more to our wonderful community! Contact us if you have some ideas about how we can work together, collaborate and get to know each other.

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