It seems each passing day the world is evolving around us, some for good, some maybe not so much! The age of technology and the internet was created to make our lives easier, right? A streamlined process to give us more time in our days and have everything we need at our fingertips. But when it comes to some things, customer service and the user experience I think the internet and automation has built a wall between the customer and the business.


One of the things Tough Top Awnings takes great pride in is the customer experience and excellent customer service. We are a mostly online company and we sell our products all over the world, but that does not mean the customer must suffer because of it. We have taken many measures and given great thought to be sure each customer has the best experience they can….starting with finding out the information you need, to buying an awning, shipping and receiving a great product for your RV to 5th wheel. 


Out website has information about all our products, a buying checklist to follow so when you are ready to buy, you have all the information needed to make your purchase…AND a easy to use online store to make your purchase stress free and secure!


We also work with the RV Geeks, who help us make how-to and installation videos to make the process of installing your new awning as easy as possible too.


AND on top of all that, if you have a questions or concerns about anything at all, Tyler, our Operation Manager, his phone number and email is on every page of your website for easy access. There is no automated person on the other end…no “push 2 followed by the pound key”…just real people with a passion for what we do.


We all come from a background of hard work, but realize hard work only gets us so far….the customer and the ability to create an excellent experience will give us longevity in a wonderful industry we love.


Happy RVing

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