5 things to do in Tucsan Arizona


Tucsan is a popular location for winter travel, both for the nice winter weather, and even as summer approaches Tucsan stays a bit cooler than the valley due to its higher elevation. If you ever find yourself stopping or passing through here are 5 things to see and explore while in Tucson AZ!


Photo of the Airplane Graveyard outside Tucsan Arizona

1. Pima Air & Space Museum - South of downtown the museum says it has over 400 aircraft on-site from commercial to military aircraft! It's pet friendly, has a playground, restaurant and arcade games. The museum is close to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, home to the Aircraft Graveyard, which unfortunately is closed to the public but you still can see rows upon rows of old planes as you drive by. Pretty cool! Website: https://pimaair.org/. Photo of the Airport Graveyard

2. Saguato National Park - Camp, hike and explore the home of the country’s largest cacti!! Explore forests of cacti with hikes that are both long and short. There are a few waterfall hikes in the park during the right season BONUS: Have time check out Old Tucsan Studios and Gates Pass. Both near the Western section of the park.


3. Hang out on 4th Street - Cool section of Tucsan, close to downtown and campus. Lots of shops, bars and restaurants and tends to be a little more mellow than the downtown and campus areas of town. Looking for a good place to get food? Stop by The Boxyard, made of shipping containers, get food, sit outdoors and people watch.


4. Take a drive to Mt. Lemmon - On those days where it might be too hot in town take the 1.5 hour drive to Mt. Lemmon. There are hiking trails, camping, pullouts and picnic areas to explore and relax. The mountain sits at 9,159 ft above Tucsan with some beautiful views of mountains and the city. Check out Rose Canyon Lake located in the campground, sit, relax or go fishing.


5. The best 23 miles of Mexican food - Still hungry? Visit one (or two) the many authentic Mexican restaurants and food trucks. Click on this SITE to help make a plan to go and feast!!

There you have it, you are set for your Tucsan adventure!

 Enjoy and Happy RVing!

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