People Love Our RV Slide-Out Topper Awning Replacement Fabric

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Thank you, I received the awning yesterday. Tonight I'm gonna try to put it on. It looks great in the box and is thicker than I thought it would be. Once again thanks B.H.


Wanted to let you know that my wife and I completed the installation of 4 toppers today. Was a bit of a learning curve...we started with the 2 small slides and worked our way up to the big slides. All in all in took about an hour per slide. Not bad for beginners! Thanks again for all the advice. D & T


Thank you so much! :) I live full-time in an RV park, and I'll be spreading the word about this great company and product. T.A.


Just wanted to say thank you for the slide toppers, they look great, I like the material and more importantly my wife likes the color. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for doing such a great job on the installation. J.W.


Well I wanted to thank you for the information and the videos regarding installation. With all the “tricks of the trade” you provided, I was able to totally replace the second awning in about 20 minutes. The first awning I replaced took about 2 1/2 hours because I began before the new awning arrived and before I checked your website.

To my surprise, the quality of the 18 oz. was way beyond my expectations, both the fabric and workmanship (double-stitching). The price is in line with other manufacturers and you won’t find a more durable top. Will be much less expensive in the long run.

To anyone thinking about ordering from ToughTops, just do it! C.G.


Received the awning and I am really pleased with the product. Quality is outstanding and was really easy to install using your instructions and video. Thanks for everything and will order more awnings in the future. J&P


Awning arrived in perfect condition. Installed on Saturday AM. The 2000 Fleetwood Southwind slide out topper was attached differently from any video I watched and challenged us until we found the not so obvious screws thru the gutter that pinned the old fabric in position. After the old one was off the new one went on perfectly with a little tugging. Your awning fit perfect and is quite an improvement. D.


Just a note to let you know that the wife and i installed the new slide out awning that we picked up from you Jan. 5th We are from Van. Island. Your video and your instructions in the box were very good. Really like the new awning and it rolls up very straight. R.B.


I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for a great customer experience; the help with measuring prior to the order all the way through the directions provided and the quality product. These toppers are light years better in quality than the original and after using the first one as a learning experience (we picked the wrong side of the roller to pin/lock) two of us were able to swap three toppers in about an hour and a half. I can't say enough about how happy I am with your product and customer service. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends that camp. Thanks again! C.F.


I wish to express my happiness with the quality and ease of installation of your products.

We replaced the 13 foot long slide out topper and 6 feet long slide out topper on our Fifth wheel this year. The quality of your material and quality of stitching is better then the factory topper.

Viewing your free installation videos made installing these for a first timer easy and fast. Two people, two ladders and a few hand tools plus a drill.

By color matching the new toppers to our shade awning we made our trailer look newer and nicer. No more old discolored off white toppers. Now all three are marine blue and they stand out nicely.

Thanks again for a superior product. G.T.


I have had my new Tough Top slide toppers on the rig for a while now. Boy, what a difference over the OEM. They don't flap as much in the wind, probably due to heavier material weight and they look really good. I expect they will last longer than I will own the RV. You all were a pleasure to deal with, delivered on time, and even happily responded to a few “dumb” questions I had about installation. Installation was a breeze, but requires at least two people. I have had numerous RVers ask where I got my new slide toppers and I was pleased to tell them Tough Tops. I can hope they have contacted you for their replacements so they can be as happy as I am. Thanks!


Just a note, when someone asks about how tough the canvas really is on the slide out covers. Caught the edge of a tornado coming out to South Padre Island, Texas. 60+ winds plus my speed, guess 100 MPH across the slideouts. My big slideout cover lock let loose, and that canvas cover blew up like a parachute. Could not stop, I am in the middle of the causeway, so had to wait till the other side. Stopped, cover rolled up and no fraying, no cracks, no tears. This material is head and shoulders above that crap that came new on the motorhome.

I'm overjoyed with your awning fabric and how easy they were to install. My wife and I are 67 years old so we need good weather (warm) to install the fabric. When the weather got warmer we did both slides in about two hours. Of course there were some choice words expressed in the removing of the old fabric, but we got it done per your directions. Liking the awning fabric a lot. Again, MANY THANKS.
John & Carol

The order arrived on time and the awnings are great. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the great customer service. We had put our motor home away last fall knowing that the awnings over the slides were coming apart. However, we forgot all about it until ten days before we were to leave on a month long 3,500 mile trip. You being willing to rush the order so we could have them before we left was wonderful-customer service like that doesn't seem to exist in very many places anymore. Thanks again.

Thanks for your tip on cleaning the top of the slide, thank you. I understood after i cIeaned it. I saw a friend that had a top replaced by Camping World and he was not very happy when he was down the road and it up. They did not clean it.

Just a note to let you know I received my 3 awnings. I really appreciate your help with my order. The install was just as your web-site says, simple. Almost needed no tools. The tip on having the 3" nail ready to hold the spring tension was perfect. Also thanks for helping me find the one unit you didn't stock. That was very professional of you to let me know where I could find it at an attractive price. I will surely tell my rv freinds where to buy their next awnings.
T.G. ---N.C.

Perfect fit and great quality. Thank you...they were a breeze to install and they look awesome.”
S.A. -- CA

“I received the awnings one day early and have now installed as per your instructions. No problems at all and took about an hour with the help of a neighbor. You are right, it gets wet and slippery towards the end of the roll so a couple of towels come in handy. I used vice grips and a long rod to hold the spring loaded roll. I am sure there are lots of ways this can be safely done. It seemed for me the easier way as I had some trouble finding the little hole to use as the locking method. Thanks for saving me about $500 to have it installed at a local RV dealership. That equates to making about $500/hr and that's not bad for a retiree hourly wage.”
A.B. -- Alaska

“Received the slide out awnings in great shape. Just as easy as you said. My daughter and I installed both of them in less than an hour. Thanks again for your excellent service. I'm really impressed by the quality of the fabric you use.”
B.L. FL.

“My camping friend who came over to help me jokingly said that we go into the installation business because it was so easy.  I can see that having someone to assist is helpful and more so, I imagine, as the awning length increases.  Thanks so much for the prompt response to my order and for phone availability.  For so many internet stores, it is impossible to talk to a live person.   I wish you much success in your business. I will be contacting you when the longer cover needs replacing which will probably be sooner than later.”
A.D. -- North Carolina

“Thanks for offering a competitive product. My neighbor and I installed the new fabric in about 15 minutes with no problems, thanks to your detailed instructions. Our local RV dealer quoted me $170 in labor to have them install an A&E awning if I bought it from them. You saved me money!”
T.D. MI.

“I put the new awnings on. It was a snap. Your directions were very easy and complete. The awnings look great. Thanks again.”
M.A. -- Massachusetts

“Got the awning as promised and got around to installing it yesterday. Once I remembered to adjust the position of the anti-billowing device it was a perfect fit. Installation was dead simple. Thanks for the awning...it looks to be a superior product compared to the OEM that was installed.”
J.J. -- FL.

“The awnings look awesome. I have already put them on and they work great. Thanks a lot. Will recommend to everyone.”
W.H. -- S.C.

“I just got my awning put on my slide out and to tell you, it was really nice and fit well. I was very impressed with the quality of fabric used, quality of craftsmanship... I appreciate quality craftsmanship and this is proof of just that.”
AG Michigan

“We received the slide out covers about 4 PM and my husband and I installed them within an hour. Thank you, to you and Sandy, for making sure these got to us in time; they make the motorhome look sooooo much better and fit great.”
MS -- Ohio

“It came today. Thank you for doing what you said you would do. It’s refreshing in today’s world. Thanks again and have a great day.”
G.F. -- Texas

“Thanks for the quick reply, Ray. I had ordered some from a local dealer weeks ago and had contacted them a week after the order was supposed to be here and since I have not heard a word. I am happy I have found you because of the better fabric in your product. Thanks again.”
T.S. -- Washington

“Just wanted to let you know that the awning looks good and went on great. Thanks!”
S.B. -- Tennessee

“Received the awning and have it installed. Fits perfectly! Nice doing business with you.”
G.H. -- Colorado

“I want to thank you for a good product. The awning topper you made for me fit perfectly. Your directions were simple to follow. Thanks again.”
D.P. - Arizona

“Thanks Ray, I just sent in the order. Thanks for the personal contact. Business the old fashion way.”
B.B. -- California

“Thanks for the great service!”
G.A. -- Missouri

“Ray thanks a million. You are a man of your word. I’ll mention the service to all my friends.”
L.L. -- Florida

Just wanted to let you know that we put the slide awnings on today, did all 4 slides in less than 2 hrs., and we very impressed with the quality of the awnings. Thank you for the fast service and for telling the truth about how easy they were to put up.
R & S. -- Florida





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