Travel is all about finding those little gems you want to tell your friends about and mark on your map for a return visit. Most of the time when I think about wonderful views its a hike, park, or campground…maybe a little nook I find to camp for the night. But sometimes you find a spot where you can sit at a table, have a meal or local beer.

 Here is a list of my top 5 spots with views:


1. Pelican Brewery - Pacific City, Oregon - I’ve been to a lot of breweries during my travels and Pelican by far is the best! You can get a beer, put your feet in the sand and watch the ocean. Haystack Rock (Not the Cannon Beach Haystack Rock, there are 2, click HERE to read about them) is right in front of you. Try the Raspberried at Sea, perfect for a summer day, or the Sea’N Red if you stay for the sunset and it’s getting a little cold.  Visit the Pelican Brewery website



2. The View Coffee House - Sedona, Arizona - The name says it all. I found this place a few years back when I broke down in Cottonwood and came to Sedona to work. They have a pretty big outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. It was hard to work,  I kept finding myself just gazing out over the view and not my computer. I remember their coffee was really good too. Visit The View website


3. Moss Beach Distillery -  Moss Beach California - I love San Fran! For a while I would go each October for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and then hang out for a week to explore all I could. I found this place when I was staying at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel, I had no car and I went out to see if I could find a place and get some food. I somehow stumbled across this place and had some amazing fish tacos while sitting at the bar. They have a big enclosed patio right off the cliff overlooking the ocean. I forgot the name of this place, the way I found it was the fact their website spoke about the ghost and that it was a popular speakeasy for the San Fran elite during probation, both things the bartender mentioned to me during my visit. Visit the Moss Beach Distillery website


4. Redfish - Port Orford, Oregon - A little restaurant on the edge of Port Orford. I just got a beer a few times (one of my fav cheap camping spots is near by) and sat on their patio which sits above, overlooking the beach and ocean. For some reason I just love this stretch of beach, rocks coming out of the water it just seems the sunsets and lighting are always wonderful and perfect.   Visit the Redfish website


5. The Rooftop at Coors Field - Denver, Colorado - I love baseball, I lived in Denver for many years and went to a lot of games over the years. One of the add-ons Coors Field did is called The Rooftop. In the outfield upper deck The Rooftop has places to get food, drinks, and cozy chairs that to relax and chat with friends. Best ticket in sports? Get a Rockpile (bleacher seats) seat for around $5, experience the Rockpile for a few innings, then head over to The Rooftop. Get a local beer, watch the sun go down and be able see the Denver cityscape and field all at once!! They also seem to have a Rooftop ticket option as well, thats new since my days! Visit The rooftop website

 Hope you have a chance to visit one of these places. Do you have a spot you like? Add to the comments and share with your fellow travelers.

 Thanks for reading and Happy RVing


Photo at Pelican Brewery in Pacific City Oregon

Pelican Brewery


The View Coffee House


Photo of Pacific Ocean, Port Orford Oregon



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