• Tough Top Awning Product Line

    Tough Top Awning Product Line
    We have said many times how much we love the RV industry and feel honored to be part of it, we love meeting all the wonderful RVers and enjoy helping each one of you find the replacement RV awning for your RV or trailer!  We have been in business for over 12 years now, and we have added many new products over the years. If you are a new RVer, or an experienced one we still get questions about what kind of RV awning you need. Below is a list of the entire Tough Top Awning...
  • Tough Tops will be at the Quartzsite RV Show!

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    Tough Tops will be at the Quartzsite RV Show!
     We love The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show! And Tough Top Awnings will be there again in 2018!!  Tyler of Tough Tops will be in Quartzsite from Jan. 20-28 delivering and installing awings….along with visiting all the wonderful RVers enjoying the desert sun.  WE WILL ALSO BE GIVING A 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL TOUGH TOP AWNINGS!!! USE COUPON CODE QUARTZSITE2018 TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT You don’t have to be going to Quartzsite to take advantage of the discount….Go to www.toughtopawnings.com to order and use the coupon code.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE SHOW….and want...
  • Making a De Tensioning Tool and Changing fabric on a Girard Slide Topper

    Until now I have avoided customers that would say the name Girard, when it came to slide out toppers. Basically, it was a small tool that I have never seen and the only way to get one is to either buy a fabric from Girard and get a free one or make your own. Since I’m not in the business of buying someone else’s fabric I opted for make my own. It’s not too bad and since I am in the business of helping customers save money here is the how to make your own tool...
  • Finding a place to camp...

    Finding a place to camp...
    We are all on the road for different reasons, some of us are on vacation, some retired, some working still….and with that we all have different budgets, BUT the one thing we all have in common is the need to find places to lay our heads at night! I fall in the “still working” category and I’m on a budget for sure. When I first hit the road I looked at my rent and figured out what I pay per day to live in my apartment in Boulder, CO and used that as a sorta guideline,...
  • How to Order On Tough Top Awning's Website

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    Tyler put together a quick video to make ordering an awning through our website quick and easy!
  • Casino Camping in Oregon and California

    Casino Camping in Oregon and California

    We love the RV industry!! Last year we celebrated our 10th year in business manufacturing and selling RV awnings. Looking back on all the success, some failures, all the wonderful people and businesses we have met we all know how lucky we are, and this is where we belong.  We started kicking around an idea to further connect our community of RV businesses and all the people who support us all. We fully believe in community and even more so from our travels and being is business for 10 years, believe in the RV community. So, we...
  • RV Awning Discount + RVgeeks Quartzsite Appearance!

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    RV Awning Discount + RVgeeks Quartzsite Appearance!
    Happy Holidays! We are excited for the holiday season, but want to keep the excitement going through the New Year! We will be in Quartzite in Jan. for the RV Show with our friends the RVgeeks, and offering a 10% discount starting now and running till the end of the show.     CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE DETAILS....AND WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!  
  • RV Recipe - Chicken Sausage Scramble - Fall Style

    This is one of my own….I first started making this on camping trips in tin foil, then started making it at home on the skillet, now a staple of RVing….I change it up depending on what I have and time of year….there is my fall version!!   This is just to get you started….Ive never been one to stick to a recipe   - 1 Package of Aidells Chicek & Apple Sausage http://www.aidells.com/products   1 Red Pepper 1 Yellow Pepper 1 Onion 1 Apple of your choice Cinnamon Raisons (just an option) Sea Salt and Pepper...
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