My Favorite Travel Apps


My last post I wrote about my 5 favorite items to travel with…Now I move to phone apps!

There are thousands of apps out there, my phone is full of them! But the truth is I really only use a few…. same goes for travel apps…I have quite a few on my phone but when it comes down to it I only use a few…

**You can find all these apps though your app store on your smart phone

Google Maps - I use Google Maps for twp important tasks, searching for places (campgrounds, grocery stores etc.) and as my GPS….

SEARCHING - I love the simple fact of searching for a grocery store for example, finding the closest, seeing my ETA, get reviews and directions…And if I’m concerned about parking I can take a 360 degree look of the area….all in one app

GPS - I usually always have Google telling me where to go…even when I pretty much know, its nice to have a heads up when my turn is coming when driving a big camper….BUT I have to say Google takes me down roads from time to time my camper has no business going down…and sometimes the directions are just off, or slow/behind….I would be open to finding a GPS that would warn me about rough, narrow roads etc…..any out there??

Spotify - My last post I mentioned bluetooth speakers, the Spotify app is what powers my music….I can listen to pretty much anything, they also have a radio function and playlist I can save to my phone for when I'm off grid…they also have podcasts as well.

Yelp - I was not a big Yelp user before I started traveling, But I love it now! I will still use Google to find places, but after that I will search that place via Yelp to see if they have outdoor seating and is dog friendly….Having a doggy, that's a must!

Weather App - I don't get fancy here,  still lean on the side of “Don’t know the weather, look outside” BUT I will glance at the app for planning out future activities and travel. Anyone have a favorite weather app?

Untappd - Being a beer lover and enjoying visiting breweries along the way this app is great! If I go to a city or town with multiple breweries the app is great to help decide which one to visit…usually has to do with their beer list. Then you can also keep a record of all the breweries you have visited, give “stars” to the beers, include photos and notes….can also be friends with others like Facebook…I don't use that part of it but if anyone wants to be beer friends find me at Travelingdesigner.

Harvest Host - There are a bunch of camping  / campground apps out there…too many for me, hence the fact I just use Google Maps, But I do love Harvest Host, and being a member I do use the app. If you have not heard of Harvest Host, you get to camp for FREE (but they ask you to buy something) at wineries, farms and other super cool places!! BTW….The price is going up starting Jan. 1, so get signed up…Best $45 you can spend.

All Trails - Cool app for find trails near you. The app divides trails into their difficulty, has maps, trail descriptions, user photos and reviews.


Campendium - I wrote this post a couple years ago, since then I was introduced to Campendium, now the ONLY app I use to find camping. You can find free and paid parks, boondocking with reviews talking about cell service, amenities, how easy it is to get there and how big a rig can be. It's a must have!!


Please share if you have any apps that you use a lot while traveling. I just traveled with some friends and leaned of a few new ones I might this list might change....stay tuned


Happy RVing

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