Simple Tips for RVing in our National Parks

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Summer is almost here!

Many of us will be taking our RVs, trailers and campers for summer adventures….

Some of us are full time RVers, some bringing out their RVs for vacations and some renting or borrowing from friends.

I’m just finishing up about 2 weeks of camping in King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Camping in one of our beautiful National Parks is much different than an RV Park or even a trip to your local lake.

The National Parks system has done a wonderful job in getting our National Parks back to nature….and away from the over commercialized way they were in the 1970’s.

I thought it might be beneficial for some to have a simple checklist of things to think about when planning your visit to a National Park this summer.

1. Be prepared! Easy right? Be sure your gray and black tanks are empty and your water and propane tank filled. Most sites on the National Parks don't have hook ups and many times there will be one dump station at the largest campground at the Park…..those lines can get long!

2. Bring extra motor oil and brake fluid (any any other fluid your rig might need) - Not guarantee in finding these things and the roads can get curvy and hilly. I found that out the hard way and had to get into the National Forest to find some brake fluid!!

3. Levels - if you don't have those built in be sure to have ways to level out our rig….some of those sites are on a bit of a hill and during summer you might not have a choice in the matter due to busy campgrounds.

4. Food - Bring lots! Most National Parks have the essentials and mostly grab fan go food. If you like to eat healthy bring extra fruits, vegetables and meats. You eat a lot more when you are active. You will not regret it!!

5. Water - Many National Parks have potable water at the campground, and even water fill up stations and visitors centers and gift shops. I have two 40oz stainless steel containers that are always filled with water and 5-6 gallon jugs I refill when I need to.

6. Wood - We all like a fire while we camp….wait to you get there…woods is bulky to stow away and most National Parks don't want foreign wood in the Park…can cause disease.

7. The extras - if your traveling full time you probably have all you need for all conditions, but if not remember the extra blankets, clothes, natural bug spray and sun screen. National Parks can get you dirty, sweaty and get very cold and hot (sometimes in the same day). Rain and maybe even snow may occur....The National Parks knows no season.

8. Cash- Always a good idea, sometimes you will need cash for shower tokens or campsites... plus you never know when the credit cards systems go down in the woods (just happened to me in the National Forest)

BONUS - Pennies and Quarters - Good for laundry of course...And if you or your kids like those pressed penny machines (like I do) there are many opportunities in the National Parks!

To find a National Park for your summer adventure, start here

Simple stuff but this will make your trip that much better…Let me know if I missed something.

Happy RVing (and Exploring)

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  • by Nicole Jeffers on

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    Tough Top Awnings replied:
    Hi there We recommend removal of your old Oasis over the door awning to ensure you can measure it correctly before we manufacture you a replacement.

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