We at Tough Top Awnings are always working to be the best RV Awning company we can be; from our products to customer service to user experience. Sometimes to best way to see the road into the future is to ask the wonderful RVers who have become part of the Tough Top Community, so we are asking for your help.

We welcome and are asking for any input on how we can make Tough Tops the best it can be; from our website, online store, customer service, products to new products. And if we are doing something right in your book, let us know that too.

You can simply comment in this post or email us HERE. We all thank you in advance and look forward to the road ahead!


Happy RVing


  • by rick on

    Hi Todd
    Wow…you are not far at all….we look forward to meet you.

    Thanks for the comment! And its a good one, and something we have been recently discussing….there is a lot of value to meeting folks face to face and be involved in the community we love. We have been going to the Quartzsite RV Show “unofficially” the last few years and its been a wonderful experience.

    I, Rick the Marketing Director was at the Xscapers Annual Bash this year (just to have fun) and Battle Born was there and had a good presence…so they are out there alot!!

    If you know of any RV groups to check out let us know.
    Thanks again and happy RVing!

  • by Todd Baker on

    Well, my wife and I are full-time RVers from LaCenter, WA. I am currently measuring my rig for new slide toppers and plan to visit you when we return to the area in the spring! I had no idea you were a company in my own backyard until I saw a video produced by the RV Geeks! Hence my comment… There is a HUGE community of RVers that follow or belong to various RV groups. I would say that this type of social media marketing and attending RV events targeted to the RVer would enhance your success! You would see an example of this by researching what Battle Born Batteries is doing. They seem to be at many of the large RVing events… face to face with people to help answer questions and take orders! We are looking forward to doing business with you soon!

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