We have some new accessories

Having the right tools and products while on the road are important! How often are you camping out of town or set up for the night and don't have the tool or product you need to complete a DIY project? Or have something come up unexpected?

We are always trying to expand our product collection. We have recently added a few new accessories to the Tough Top Collection.

Here is a link to our accessories page and a run down of a couple new accessories we have added:

  1. Custom Pull Strap - Actually this is NOT a new accessory  but it’s one Tough Tops makes in-house and we have created our first packaging for….Which we think is exciting!
Our Custom Pull Strap is a thin strap that mounts to the underside of the roller tube on a A&E Dometic or a Carefree of Colorado manual pull down patio awning.
We customize our Pull Straps to your size requirements and currently sell Pull Straps for Window Awnings, Omega Slide out Awnings and Patio Awnings.

2. Windshield Repair Kit - Don’t let a crack on your windshield slow you down, you have adventures to experience, right? No need to wait for a rock chip repair person or try to find a repair center that delays your travels or risk it and have the chip develop into a crack.

3. RV Awning Stabilizer Kit - One big fear is to come back from a day out exploring and see your patio awning damaged from a wind storm while you were gone! The Stabilizer Kit does just that, stabilizes your patio awning and hunkers down the fort.

4. Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner - The conditioner that does it all!! Works in RVs, cars, boats, or even at home. Improves slide out function and prolongs the life of the seals, coats the surface in a water-repellent film, cleans, conditions, shines, and protects against UV rays and prevents fading, cracking and deterioration.

If you have an idea for a RV accessories please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Happy RVing!

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