Family Trip to Leavenworth, WA


Leavenworth is a hidden little gem in the cascade mountains of Central Washington. It’s a small, beautifully designed, old world Alpine/Bavarian style village, envision a small town, somewhere in Germany….

 Leavenworth has the charm of a mountain town with many activities for all to enjoy….Here are some of our highlights during our trip.


1. River Tubing – We did a 4 mile river float that started on the Icicle River then connected to the Wenatchee River. It was a very relaxing and scenic 3.5 hour float. We used Leavenworth Outdoor Center, they provides tubes, cooler tubes even dog tubes for floating!


    2. Shopping –Leavenworth has a lot of really cute, unique shops that are all located on Front Street within easy walking distance of each other. Being a Bavarian Village think nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, beer steins and music boxes! Check out their Chamber of Commerce page for a bunch of info.


    3. Food – The Bavarians know how to make a mean pretzel!! We had someof the best schnitzel and pretzels we have ever had. Try the Rhein Haus, located in the heart of Leavenworth.

    4. Wine/Breweries – There are several places on Front St. to enjoy some wine or local beers and ciders. Try Blewett Brewing for a good beer and some pizza.


    5. Hiking – The heat wave of 2021 got us, so we didn’t get to hike as the temperatures were way to high while we were there, but they are trails everywhere for all skill levels, HERE is a list of hikes to get you started.: 


    6. Leavenworth Reindeer Farm – Who does not want to hang out with the reindeer?!  Located just a mile form town, we got to feed and pet the reindeer, which are very friendly. They also have draft horses, ducks, bunnies, ponies, chickens, and pigs. Tickets range between $20-$25 depending on season. Get all the details HERE.


    7. The Nutcracker Museum -  has a collection of over 7000 nutcrackers! I’m stating the obvious, but thats a lot of nutcrackers!! It’s worth the visit if you have the time, and not very expensive to get in. Find out more HERE.

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