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Simple Tips for RVing in our National Parks

Post by  rick oberreuter May 23, 2018

Summer is almost here! Many of us will be taking our RVs, trailers and campers for summer adventures….Some of us are full time RVers, some bringing out their RVs for vacations and some renting or borrowing from friends.I’m just finishing up about 2 weeks of...

Casino Camping in Oregon and California

Post by  Admin A Feb 16, 2017

I’ve been traveling up and down California and Oregon a lot over the last few months. Both states are over the top beautiful to say the least, but they are also expensive! Camping can be expensive too, RV Parks can run anywhere from $45 to...

Buying an older model, used RV

Post by  ray oberreuter May 02, 2016

Its been years since I bought an RV.   Its also been years since I wrote my ebook “An RV Tech’s Checklist for Buying a new or used RV” (click to learn more and buy ebook). This spring our son Rick, a freelance designer and web designer...

Spring Cleaning Tips for Slide Toppers

Post by  Bold Apps Mar 17, 2016

It’s that time of year to get ready for the's also our favorite time of year Time to clean any dust and debris from the tops of the slide outs. While the slide is in make sure to clean the areas of the slide...