Travel is all about finding those little gems you want to tell your friends about and mark on your map for a return visit. Most of the time when I think about wonderful views its a hike, park, or campground…maybe a little nook I find to camp for the night. But sometimes you find a spot where you can sit at a table, have a meal or local beer.
  • 5 easy ways to save money on the road

    5 easy ways to save money on the road
    Nothing is cheap these days and no one knows when these high prices might end! Here are some simple and maybe obvious ways to save your dimes and pennies to extend your dollar and extend your travel and adventures.  1. Find a cool spot and stay awhile - Gas prices are high and RV travel is expensive as it is. Find a location you like or have been wanting to visit and stay awhile! The best way to get to know a community is to spend some quality time there.   2. Use your clubs and...
  • Tips to traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.

    Tips to traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.
    A are a few tips when traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.
  • Family Trip to Leavenworth, WA

    Family Trip to Leavenworth, WA
    Leavenworth is a hidden little gem in the cascade mountains of Central Washington. It’s a small, beautifully designed, old world Alpine/Bavarian style village, envision a small town, somewhere in Germany….  Leavenworth has the charm of a mountain town with many activities for all to enjoy….Here are some of our highlights during our trip.   1. River Tubing – We did a 4 mile river float that started on the Icicle River then connected to the Wenatchee River. It was a very relaxing and scenic 3.5 hour float. We used Leavenworth Outdoor Center, they provides tubes, cooler...
  • The Best Time of Year?

    The Best Time of Year?
        We are approaching what I think is the best time of year for RVing! I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this and I might even be stating the obvious but just in case I’ll tell ya why.I spend most of my time in the West and Pacific Northwest and I’m NOT a planner, both things that add to why I’m a lover of this time of year….here are a few others.Less People - As soon as the Labor Day holiday is over I feel I can breathe! The kids are back...
  • We have some new accessories

    We have some new accessories
    Having the right tools and products while on the road are important! How often are you camping out of town or set up for the night and don't have the tool or product you need to complete a DIY project? Or have something come up unexpected?We are always trying to expand our product collection. We have recently added a few new accessories to the Tough Top Collection.Here is a link to our accessories page and a run down of a couple new accessories we have added:   1. Custom Pull Strap - Actually this is NOT...
  • My Favorite Travel Apps

    My Favorite Travel Apps
    My last post I wrote about my 5 favorite items to travel with…Now I move to phone apps! There are thousands of apps out there, my phone is full of them! But the truth is I really only use a few…. same goes for travel apps…I have quite a few on my phone but when it comes down to it I only use a few…**You can find all these apps though your app store on your smart phoneGoogle Maps - I use Google Maps for twp important tasks, searching for places (campgrounds, grocery stores etc.) and...
  • Top 5 must have travel items

    Top 5 must have travel items
    Being an RVer we all travel in different ways, have different rigs and like to do things in different ways. I think we can all agree that we all have items that make our lives better, easier or we just take pleasure in as we travel. Here are my top 5 must have travel items:1. WiBoost - I work as I travel, and I do like to get off the beaten path and camp in places where cell coverage is not great…My Booster is wonderful….The booster usually boosts my signal 2 bars or so….Don’t leave home...
  • Tough Top Awning Product Line

    Tough Top Awning Product Line
    We have said many times how much we love the RV industry and feel honored to be part of it, we love meeting all the wonderful RVers and enjoy helping each one of you find the replacement RV awning for your RV or trailer!  We have been in business for over 12 years now, and we have added many new products over the years. If you are a new RVer, or an experienced one we still get questions about what kind of RV awning you need. Below is a list of the entire Tough Top Awning...
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