Tips to traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.


Either being a newbie or a seasoned RVer, being reminded of some simple tips can go a long way to giving your awning and its hardware a longer life, and save you aggravation while on the road! Here are a few tips when traveling with and using your main RV patio awning.

#1. Inspect your awning prior to a trip or when you plan to start using your coach or trailer for the season.  I give myself 2 to 3 weeks, in case a replacement or repair is needed.

 #2. Use a awning secure strap when traveling. I use a couple Velcro straps on both my vertical support legs just for that added piece of mind.

#3. Wash your awning a couple times a year.  I use the same bush I use to wash my coach and regular automotive soap and usually do it when I am washing the entire coach.

#4. Never leave your awning deployed and unattended!  This is a personal rule of mine.  Working in the industry I have heard way too many horror stories about walking away from an awning.  So, if I am going for a walk I am hitting the switch and rolling it in.


#5. Stay up on the mechanics of the awning.  I grease up all moving parts at least twice a year.  Especially if I am leaving the desert southwest.  Dust is like little rocks of gears and gas struts.

 #6.  Don’t roll up a wet awning.  Even if I do, I will get to my next destination and roll it back out to dry.  Mold and mildew can grow and I would rather not smell mildew and have to wash my awning more than necessary.

 #7. Be sure to adjust your awning for weather.  I lower mine on one side to make sure water rolls off.  Also, if it’s a windy area.  I will put on a pair of de flappers to keep the flapping to a minimum.

 We hope this helps…It’s busy out there and the last thing you need is awning repairs while on the road. 

Happy RVing

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