Spring Cleaning Tips for Slide Toppers


It’s that time of year to get ready for the
road....it's also our favorite time of year

Time to clean any dust and debris from the tops of the slide outs. While the slide is in make sure to clean the areas of the slide out that go out. It is a very over looked area that picks up everything from dust to pine needles to toys. Take it from Tyler. He has pulled everything from toy motorcycles to hair brushes to a customer’s wallet that he thought he let at a truck stop.

After a thorough cleaning make sure it is completely dry!

Then comes time to condition the seals. This is easy enough with a little
baby powder or
talcum powder

…on the seal prevents the seal from grabbing as the slide deploys and pull the seal off and turning a camping trip into a costly and time consuming fix to replace your seal.

For the outside of the slide follow this great video from the www.thervgeeks.com for applying the powder to the exterior of the seals without having to remove the slide toppers.


 This is also a good time to make sure your slide toppers are looking good and the hardware in secure. As a slide topper is the only movable part attached to the exterior of the coach and with all moving parts things can become loss. Check the screws! Everything from the tension bars to the anti-bellow devices.

This will save the head ache down the road!

 Happy RVing

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