RV Tips



Some RV tips to help you if you are a RV newbie or have been a RVer for awhile.

  • Place a carpet sample at the base and one at the top of your entry steps, which will help keep dirt and moisture out of your rig.
  • Have a list to remind yourself of what you need to do for setting up and leaving.
  • Have disposable rubber gloves to use during sewer hookups and dumping.
  • Use a portable space heater at night instead of using all that propane.
  • Travel in the morning or late afternoon when hot – it is easier on your RV.
  • Use biodegradable toilet paper.
  • Always check your headlights, turn signals and brake light before starting out.
  • Place a spring-loaded shower bar inside your shower to hang wet towels.
  • Re-package boxed foods in zip lock bags to save space on your pantry shelves.
  • Put a pizza stone (inexpensive kind) under rack of propane oven to help distribute heat more evenly.
  • Use an insurance company that deals with RV’s, not houses.
  • Install an under-cabinet coffee maker to give you more counter space.
  • How about an under-the-counter spice rack? Get one with adjustable shelves to hold different sizes of spices.
  • Try mothballs for ants, spiders and other insects.
  • Use surge protectors for power spikes.
  • Check carbon monoxide detectors regularly.
  • Remember to lower your TV antenna or satellite dish before taking off.
  • Save money by buying things out of season, like antifreeze.
  • Use something between dishes to prevent chipping or breaking. Try plastic foam sleeves, rubber matting or bubble wrap.
  • Use bottled water on the road. You don’t know what the water is like where you stay.
  • Check vents for cracking.
  • Check brakes and tires regularly.
  • Do a basic safely check of your LP system regularly.
  • For drain cleaner try: ½-cup baking soda to ½-cup white vinegar. After a few minutes put a kettle of hot water down drain.
  • For general surfaces and glass cleaner try: ¼-cup vinegar, ½ cup rubbing alcohol and 2 cups distilled water. Put in spray bottle.

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