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Being an RVer right now is a mixed bag, right?
On the one hand we have the ability to get away from cities and crowds and quarantine in nature, many RVers say “we are built for this”. But on the other hand established places to camp are closed and small communities are not taking well to outsiders.

I wanted to share how I’ve been dealing with being a full time RVer during this crazy time. When all this began I was still traveling in the Baja. There were no known cases so we felt safe and we just kept up on the news and continued our travels. While in San Felipe the first cases in the Baja were reported in Mexicali and Ensenada Mexico. We started hearing all kind of rumors about closed borders, forced quarantine and such so we decided it would be a good idea to cross the border.

When I go back I went into survival mode along with everyone and I hid in the desert! After a week or so a couple of friends I travel in Mexico with decided to hunker down at a RV park in Arizona, I decided to stay with a few other travel friends and continue to boondock. We set up some rules that more than a month later are still following and keeping us healthy and safe.

Small Group - First I think its best to have people you know around, or you might just go crazy!! We have a small group (no more than 10 people, we currently have 6) so we have a community and outlet for some socialization.

We have been boondocking - We are in CA and most campgrounds are closed anyway but we want to limit our exposure as much as we can. We find remote places (mostly BLM Land) to camp and do our best to stay away from major roads and just blend in!  We try and stay in one location for 14 days to limit travel. Be sure to scout out places first and do your research to be sure places are open and accessible.

Limit our time in cities and towns - We still need to do things like dump, fill, get groceries and such. We TRY to get enough supplies for 2 weeks at a time and be sure we are careful when out and about. And sometimes we will do these activities together to further that idea of less exposure.

We do hangout! We practice the 6 feet rule, don't hangout in others rigs and don't share food.

Be respectful - We do our best not to take resources away from smaller communities, also be careful when we hike and explore (don’t need any unnecessary doctor or hospital visits)

Things can wait! - I had a list of things i needed to get done after Mexico, I put most of them on hold, unless they are needed, like new tires! I’m waiting till things become more clear.

We are living in a strange time, I feel May might bring some answers, if things stay how they are I believe I will hunker down as well for the summer. I do feel we have it better than most, I currently have a 380 degree view of the mountains and I get to go on beautiful walks and hikes and I don't see strangers for days most of the time. I am set up to boondock so campground and RV parks closing do not effect me much.

If you have a home might be a good idea to be there, if you are a full timer just have a plan A, B and maybe C. And if you follow some simple guidelines to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

Happy RVing and stay safe

Rick is a part owner of Tough Top Awnings, their in-house (from the road) graphic designer and Marketer. He also is a freelance graphic designer. He has been a full time RVer since June 2016, first traveling in a 27ft. C-Class and now a vintage Scamp. Check out his blog here:

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  • by Michael on

    I have found a pretty nice buyers market during these questionably hard times. I DID buy my tires and received a $112.68 discount on 2 tires over what I had originally had priced at. I also went ahead and got a new windshield for my truck and got another $96 off of that over what I had originally priced. If the end is really at hand, at least I’m going out with new glass and rubber at a nice discount.

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