• How to Order On Tough Top Awning's Website

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    Tyler put together a quick video to make ordering an awning through our website quick and easy!
  • Casino Camping in Oregon and California

    Casino Camping in Oregon and California

    We love the RV industry!! Last year we celebrated our 10th year in business manufacturing and selling RV awnings. Looking back on all the success, some failures, all the wonderful people and businesses we have met we all know how lucky we are, and this is where we belong.  We started kicking around an idea to further connect our community of RV businesses and all the people who support us all. We fully believe in community and even more so from our travels and being is business for 10 years, believe in the RV community. So, we...
  • RV Awning Discount + RVgeeks Quartzsite Appearance!

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    RV Awning Discount + RVgeeks Quartzsite Appearance!
    Happy Holidays! We are excited for the holiday season, but want to keep the excitement going through the New Year! We will be in Quartzite in Jan. for the RV Show with our friends the RVgeeks, and offering a 10% discount starting now and running till the end of the show.     CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE DETAILS....AND WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!  
  • Thinking about going solar?

    Thinking about going solar?
    Are you thinking about adding a solar system in your RV or motorhome? Here are 5 simple things to get you thinking… 1. Budget - It seems things always begin and end with money…. but if you set a budget for yourself it will help you decided where to put that money.  2. Wattage - Its tough to figure out how many watts you will need, that might take some research, depends on the number of people, and it your wanting to keep the same lifestyle as if you were at home. Think about ways to save...
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