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Main Patio Vinyl Replacement Fabric

$ 299.95 - $ 399.95


 *DID YOU SELECT YOUR WIDTH FROM THE FIRST DROP DOWN? Orders can't process without selecting width.

**PLEASE BE AWARE - There are a few Carefree of Colorado patio awning models we CAN NOT make do to our material is too heavy for those specific hardware styles. Those models are: Paramount, Mirage, Freedom, Apex and Freestyle. CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS

$ 299.95
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**The alumaguard will let us know to cut your new fabric to 81'' deep. This is for a Carefree of Colorado Eclipse Patio Electric Awning.

Pigment displacement happens sometimes in shipping, it gives the allusion of pin holes but is not. What you are seeing is the clear scrim that the vinyl is then laid over.  What happened was the pigment moved during shipping, giving those allusions on the awning folds. It will correct itself over a couple of weeks, especially if you can get it in the sun.  We usually recommend you install and use this in the sun if possible, keep an eye on it and 99% of the time it will correct itself, but let us know if it does not. *See FAQ page for photos - CLICK HERE*



OUR COLOR SWATCHES: Colors may vary depending on your computer monitor. See our color swatch graphic above




Why does every supplier of Main Pull-Down Patio Awning ask me to measure inside center pole to center pole and not Tough Top Awnings? CLICK TO GET ANSWER

Please call Tyler at 360-953-3299 or email Christie at

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul T.
Replacement for original awning.

It was quickly delivered and the fit is as good as or better than the awning that came with the trailer. I have not used it yet for camping, but we are leaving to go camping on Friday the 24 th. I am sure it will work out fine for years to come.

Eric Brown
Great awning

Love this awning fabric and color looks great with our camper. Was easy to I install and was way better than the factory supplied material. If you on the fence about buying you will not regret your purchase.

Matt Swarts
Surveyor Main Awning & Slide Cover

The gang at Tough Top Awnings were great. Extremely helpful and always returned a call. Videos on their website were very helpful. Both replacement covers fit perfectly - I did the slide by myself and had my wife and a good friend help with the main. Materials are top-notch!
I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Jerry Morris
I Did It My Way

Fast Shipping--Great Packing
OK, here goes. I'm 75 years old and describe myself as an OFBG (Old-Fat-Bald Guy). Although I'm slowing down, I still do most of my own mechanic and home maintenance myself.
Today, I started the replacement by watching one of the videos two times. I figured I had it down. First thing was to extend the awning about one foot--as the video shows. My RV is a 29 ft class C. I determined that removing and reinstalling from the rear would be the optimum direction. I continued with all the steps as per the video. Then it dawned on me--"I have no help!!" No turning back now. So, I did the pick thing and removed the spring end thing and counted the turns. I lowered the awning to a pair of saw horses and then cut the old fabric from the top. Lots of ladder moving and climbing. Removed the screw that locks the fabric in place and pulled the fabric out--to the rear. So far, so good. Then I cut the fabric near the roller and pulled the fabric forward off the roller--to the front. Still no helpers. I cleaned the groove in the upper track and both grooves in the roller. Lubed all three with Silicone and then tried to figure a method to get the fabric into the track on the upper side of the RV. Here is where it got interesting. Still no help. I firmly attached a small C clamp to the top-front corner of the fabric (where the fabric is doubled and stitched). Remember that I am installing from the rear of the RV. I ran a rope through an opening at the top of the front support and then rearward to the C clamp. Still no help. I have finally determined that I cannot continue by myself. My next door neighbor was out cutting his grass. I asked him for a bit of help and explained that no ladder climbing would be required. All he had to do was pull the rope as I guided the fabric into the track. That took no more than 10 minutes.
After he left, I moved the sawhorses and roller rearward and started feeding the fabric into both tracks on the roller--from the front. Feed a little, reposition the sawhorses and roller, rinse and repeat. So, now I'm beginning to feel pretty good about the install. I requested my wife to come out and assist with holding the supports while I installed the spring thingies into them. Man, I cannot believe how smooth this is going. I got everything set and flipped the lever to roll it up and you know what happened---NOTHING!!! I got cocky and wound the spring the wrong direction. OK, removing the end cap from the support and rewinding the spring is not just a whole bunch of fun. It is especially not fun when you need to do it 2 more times in order to get the tension correct. Several unpure thoughts occurred during this portion. I have no idea why the 9 turns did not work, but it did not. Hence the 2 more times.
So, what is my impression of the Tough Top Awning?
I am very impressed. The workmanship is first class. The fit is perfect. The material looks great and should last a long time. My wife says that it is beautiful.
Other than the 10 minutes of assistance from my neighbor, I really think that I could have completed everything else without any help. Having my wife help after I messed up the spring winding portion just made it much less difficult.
Do I recommend attempting a similar install by yourself??? Heck no!
I do believe that more than one assistant is unnecessary. 2 assistants would be too many, and more than that would be like a government operation.
My single biggest regret was that I totally forgot to take any pictures--I know, I know--No pictures means that it never happened. To that, I will raise the BS flag. I have the sore back to prove it really happened.
Thank you Tough Top Awnings.

Rob Livingston

Great awning cover, easy to install with tutorial online.

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