Tough Top Awnings Offers
Awning Pickup & Installation


We too are travelers and want to make your travel experience as easy as possible

Tough Top Awnings is proud to offer some new services for our Canadian friends:

  • RV Awning Sales is available at our Vancouver, Washington Production facility. (click here to view our facilities page)
  • RV Awning INSTALLATION is now available in Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas
    (Please call us for our installation service area)
  • TOUR our production facility here in Vancouver WA.



What else do we offer Canadian RV'ers

As always we continue to ship directly or indirectly to our Canadian friends.
We ship to strategic drops points on US/Canadian border to:
• To save in shipping cost.
• We ship USPS to Canada to avoid excessive UPS brokerage fee’s.
• Please check with local officials for Canadian law on International shipments.
• Normally only local tax is due on receipt of your order.

You will always know what your total cost (excluding taxes/duties) will be either through a quote or our online store.

Always feel free to contact Tyler (Our Operations Manager) at 360.953.3299 or
email Christie at:

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