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      It's that time of year again! The holidays might be over but the social season in Arizona for RVers is about to begin! One of the biggest events is the Quartzsite RV Show in Quartzsite, AZ January 21st-29th. We will not have a booth or any organised activities this year but we will be there to enjoy the fun and yes, being doing some work! Tyler will be there walking the show and doing slide out installations for those who need them. WE WILL BE RUNNING A 10% OFF SALE FOR THE MONTH and if...
  • Social Season

    Social Season
    It’s a new year, which brings new hope, optimism, a resolution perhaps? … and a new cycle when it comes to travel! January is an exciting time for a RVer, when everyone else is coming down from the holiday season, most stuck in the cold of winter and daydreaming of spring, January is the start of what many call “the social season”!  With many full timers looking for warmer weather in Arizona, communities like Quartzsite and others start to flourish this time of year. Pods of RVs form desert communities as friends gather for fun in...
  • Tough Tops is coming to Arizona (and offering discount)

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    Tough Tops is coming to Arizona (and offering discount)
    We are excited to be spending most of January in Arizona. Find us at the Xscapers Annual Bash in Lake Havasu and the Quartzsite RV Show. We will be doIng installs in Quartzsite!EMAIL OR CALL US TO ORDER AND SCHEDULE AN INSTALL WE ARE ALSO OFFERING A 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL OUR AWNINGS. You DO NOT need to be in Arizona to get the discount. Offer expires Jan. 31st. USE CODE QUARTZSITE2020 AT CHECKOUT To learn more about where we will be: XSCAPERS ANNUAL BASH (SOLD OUT AND MUST BE MEMBER) QUARTZSITE RV SHOW   See...
  • Tough Tops will be at the Quartzsite RV Show!

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    Tough Tops will be at the Quartzsite RV Show!
     We love The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show! And Tough Top Awnings will be there again in 2018!!  Tyler of Tough Tops will be in Quartzsite from Jan. 20-28 delivering and installing awings….along with visiting all the wonderful RVers enjoying the desert sun.  WE WILL ALSO BE GIVING A 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL TOUGH TOP AWNINGS!!! USE COUPON CODE QUARTZSITE2018 TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT You don’t have to be going to Quartzsite to take advantage of the discount….Go to www.toughtopawnings.com to order and use the coupon code.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE SHOW….and want...

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      We will be in Quartzsite making, installing and delivering awnings from Jan. 17 - Jan. 23rd. To show our appreciation we will be giving a 10% discount on all slide out awnings for all our wonderful customers who pre-order from our on-line store to be installed or delivered in Quartzsite during the show.   CLICK HERE TO GET ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT THE SHOW, HOW YOU CAN SCHEDULE AN INSTALL AND GET YOUR COUPON CODE!!
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