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Carefree of Colorado!

In simple terms what is our Slide out Topper Replacement Fabric? It’s a Slide Out Topper RV Awning… Also called bump outs, tip outs, and room extensions. It’s a fabric that attaches to the coach or a guard to a roller tube that covers a slide out (bump out) room that extends from a coaches side.

All our materials we use are proprietary to Tough Top Awnings and we are the only manufacture to use only 2 types of fabric. We only use high quality.

The 2 types of material are of the highest quality and are designed for different applications.

We have a pre stretched vinyl that is very ridged. It is designed for slideout toppers. We use this material here because slide toppers have a spring in them to allow the fabric to unravel when winds grab it and this spring allows the hardware to not be damaged.

Our 2nd material is a coated vinyl. This allows the fabric to give with the wind and not rely on the hardware to prevent damage. We use our coated material on main patio awnings and large omega toppers and window awnings. As without the stretchable in the fabric it could cause the roller tube to bend as there is no spring to give when these are deployed.



- Our original premium fabric which we have sold since day one.

- Our Beading is sewn in place with marine grade stitching.

- Colors: white, off-white, gray, black, sand, champagne, green, chocolate, charcoal, blue.

*Colors may vary depending your computer monitor.
*Our colors do not match A&E or Carefree. Contact us HERE for color samples.

- UV and mildew resistant (Please see warranty details).
- All weather.
- Easily cleaned - we recommend using a soft brush or sponge with mild, lukewarm soap solution (such as liquid dishwashing soap) and
  rinse with clear water.