Slide-Out Topper Vinyl Replacement Fabric
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 ~  Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. Thank you for your understanding!  ~    *DID YOU SELECT YOUR WIDTH FROM THE FIRST DROP DOWN? Orders can't process without selecting width.  *PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL MEASUREMENTS BEFORE ORDERING!*   OUR COLOR SWATCHES: Colors may vary depending on your computer monitor.   All materials we use are proprietary to Tough Top Awnings and we are the only manufacturer to use only 2 types of fabric.  The 2 types of material are of the highest quality and are designed for different applications. We have a pre-stretched vinyl that is very rigid. It is designed for slide-out toppers. We use this material here because slide toppers have a spring in them to allow the fabric to unravel when winds grab it and this spring allows the hardware to not be damaged.     NEED MORE INFO ON THIS PRODUCT? VISIT OUR INFO...